Published at: 22-11-2020

A New Perspective on the Poems of Sherko Bekas and Muhammad Al-Maghut

Posted by:  UoH

Dr. Ahmad Mira published a new book in which he discussed the concepts of revolt in (Homeland, Politics and Religion) in the poems of Sherko Bekas who was a great Kurdish poet and Muhammad Al-Maghut who was a renowned Syrian writer and poet. In the book, the writer made a comparison between two literary cases, cultures on different concepts of revolution, politics, homeland, poetic language and religion.

The field of Dr. Mira’s work is based on the perspective of the Sherko Bekas in the poem “Now a Girl is my Homeland” and Muhammad Al- Maghut in the poem “شرق عدن…غرب اللە -East of Aden…West of Allah”. The result of the research shows that the two great poets are heads of the revolution in those different mentioned concepts.