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Study at University of Halabja

Study at UoH

UoH offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in several different fields of study to applicants in the Kurdistan Region. The undergraduate programs include Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) and last for four years except for the only department (Department of Law) whose program lasts for 5 years. The postgraduate program includes Master of Arts (MA) in a very limited number of fields and they last for 2 years.

The UoH has been implementing the Bologna process in its educational system for the last 3 years in all its departments except for the department of Law which is still implementing the annual system. The Undergraduate programs consist of 8 semesters and each semester is approximately 13 weeks long in duration. After finishing all the semesters successfully, students are awarded their undergraduate certificates.

The purpose of the Bologna process implementation is multifold, but the major ones include the increase of chances of mobility programs, a more transparent educational system in all aspects, the employment of a unified credit standard known as ECTS, facilitation of certification recognition, and so on and so forth.