University of Halabja

About University of Halabja

The University of Halabja is one of the Iraqi Kurdistan public universities founded in 2011 in the city of Halabja, Halabja Governorate.The university consists of  six colleges such as (Science, Human sciences, Basic Education, Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Law and Administration, Education of Sharazoor, and Department of Civil Engineering).

Programs last for four years and students receive BA degrees in their corresponding fields at the end of the fourth year. It has two campuses, the main campus is situated in Halabja and the secondary is in Sharazoor District. The  current president of Halabja University is Prof.Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah.



Prior to 2010, Halabja had a faculty, “Faculty of Basic Education” which was part of and affiliated by University of Sulaimani. Then on July 8, 2010, during the six cabinet of Kurdistan Regional Government, the KRG Council of Ministers issued resolution No. 1670 thereby declaring state University of Halabja and thus, Faculty of Basic Education departed from University of Sulaimani and became part of University of Halabja. On February 2011, Presidency of Halabja University started working.



The University of Halabja has two campuses; the major campus is located at the edge of the city of Halabja close to Ababaile village. It is a fairly large one and is where all the departments are situated. The other and subsidiary campus is located in Sharazoor District containing the college of Education of Sharazoor only.