University of Halabja Colleges


The Department of Engineering is directly under the umbrella of the University Presidency and supervised by the Vice-presidency for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs. It was officially opened by the university decree 2207/5/2 in 2016 and accepted students for the academic year 2017-2018. Studying at the department is both theoretical and practical and requires students to have some background knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry so that they will be able to understand the subjects free of problems. Students are familiarized with testing of soil and construction materials through the department’s laboratories. Graduates from the department can work for and participate in all the civil engineering projects such as road construction, buildings, and water projects. The objective of opening the department is to serve and reconstruct the Halabja province and the whole Kurdistan region based on the engineering knowledge students receive from the department. The department believes that lecturers are the second family to students and should provide them with a suitable learning atmosphere so that they can develop their abilities and hidden talents.

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