slot demo slot gacor President’s Message – University of Halabja

President's Message

University President’s Message

On behalf of UoH, administration and staff, I welcome you to visit and explore our website so as to learn more about our university. Besides, you can be aware of any activities which are hosted by UoH through this website.

A University, as an academic institution, becomes a communicational medium among community’s individuals. Additionally, University of Halabja is a University of peaceful, science and education welcoming city.

Moreover, our students are the ultimate element of our university community because they are the valuable resources and mirror their surroundings. Additionally, Nowadays, technology is an essential part of every one’s life and acquainting oneself with the changes is taking every one to the world of technology, therefore our University website becomes a link between students, lecturers and administration units.

The aim of our university is to provide a scientific and educational environment for everyone.


Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah

University President