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Education of Sharazoor

About College of Education of Sharazoor

The College of Education/Sharazoor is one of the University of Halabja colleges which was established in 2019 by the Minstrial Decree No. 5419. The college campus is located in the Sharazoor Disctrict (Also known as the New Halabja) and consists of 3 departments which are Department of Kurdish, Department Kindergarten and Department of Human Development. The three departments have their evening classes as well.

The College Vision

The vision of the college is parallel to the university’s academic and Kurdish social demands. The college wants to develop social activeness, follow contemporary educational systems and fulfill social needs.

The College Mission

Among the Missions of the college include developing educational experts for high schools in Kurdistan Region, conducting scientific and academic activities in forms of seminars, scientific gatherings and finally carrying out research in different fields of education.

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