UoH Accreditation

Regional Accreditation

On Month 30, 2011, the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research awarded recognition (accreditation) to the University of Halabja. With this official recognition, UoH became another public university in the Kurdistan Region to receive accreditation before graduating any of its students.



National Accreditation

On January 14, 2020, the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research granted the University of Halabja full accreditation.



The Importance of Accreditation

Such accreditations by the government verifies that academic institutions fulfill and maintain certain qualities of academic excellence. Colleges and universities globally utilize their accreditation status as promotional devices for admission to national and international students as well as mobility programs. In addition, students holding degrees from accredited institutions are significantly more likely to be admitted to international graduate programs.

The UoH is committed to meeting, maintaining and more importantly developing the high quality of academia in Kurdistan Region and to providing its students with all the opportunities afforded to internationally respected universities. To that end, the University will continue to seek professional, program-level accreditations, partnerships with other prestigious organizations, and ultimately, institutional regional accreditation from the United States.