Published at: 05-11-2023

UoH Held the Fourth International Conference entitled, “Kurds and Kurdistan in International Resources and Documents”

Powerd by: UoH

UoH hosted the fourth international conference titled “Kurds and Kurdistan in International Resources and Documents” under the supervision of Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and guided by Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, the president of UoH. The conference, coordinated by the Jamal Nabaz Cultural Foundation and sponsored by Kurdsat Media Agency, took place on October 29th and 30th, 2023, in Dr. Mustafa Zalmi Hall.

At the beginning, all attendees observed a minute of silence to honor the pure souls of Kurdistan martyrs. Then, Prof. Dr. Mahabad delivered a welcome speech, followed by a speech from Assist. Prof. Dr. Nariman Abdullah, head of the scientific conference committee.

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The conference panels were moderated by Dr. Karwan Fatah, covering topics such as “Kurds and Kurdistan in the Dutch Archives” by Prof. Dr. Leezenberg, “Kurds and Kurdistan in the Egyptian Archives,” by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Zayed “Kurdistan in the British Archives,” by Prof. Dr. Ranjdar Sherzad and “Kurdish Kurdistan in the German Archives” by Prof. Dr. Sarwar Abdullah.

Main Panel

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Later, the first panel was conducted by Prof. Dr. Sozan Karim Mustafa as the panel moderator for the following panelists:
First, Dr. Hemn Baqer Abdul offered a paper, “The Origins of Kurds from the Perspective of Physical Characteristics in the Orientalists Point of view”.
Second, Mr. Ahmad Qadir Ali presented a paper entitled “Coverage of Halabja Chemical Attack in Turkish Journalism”.
Third, Prof. Nurettin Beltekin presented the paper entitled, “Zaza Kurdish in German Resources”.
Fourth, Ms. Habiba Polatag presented a paper focused on, “Kurdish Women in Foreign Resources”.


The second panel in the afternoon was conducted by Dr. Aryan Sdiq for the following panelists:
First, Mr. Shakhawan Abdullah Sabir presented a paper entitled, “The Issue of Language as a Genre of National Identity in the West of Kurdistan from the Perspective of Jordi Tejel and Hirit Montogomery 1920-2000”.
Second, Mr. Mazhar Ibrahimi offered a paper entitled, “Kurds in Classical Persian Poetry”.
Third, the researcher Hawara Ramzan Wali presented a paper entitled, “Persian Critics’ View of Kurdish Literature”.
Fourth, the Researcher Mr. Zana Karak presented a paper entitled, “Olya Chalabi’s Journey in Kurdish Literature.
The second panel was wrapped up by raising comments and questions from the attendants.


The third panel in the afternoon was conducted by Mr. Adil Sdiq for the following panelists:
First, Prof. Dr. Aras Muhammed Salih presented a paper entitled, “the Situation of Sulaimanyah in Claudius James Rich and Friar’s Journey”. Second, Prof.Dr. Dilshad Mahmoud Abdulrahman presented a paper entitled, “Sulaimanyah Governorate in Ottoman Calendars”.
Third, Dr. Tara Khidir Dashti presented a paper entitled, “Kurds in Islam in the writings of the orienlists Mr. Arshak Poladian, Kurds in Arabic resources, Kurds in Abbasyan Period” as an example.
Later, Dr. Karzan Karim Amin presented the paper entitled, “Kurd Phobia, Depiction of Kurds in British Archival Texts of the Early Twentieth Century”.

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The second day of the conference which was run by Dr. Marwan Mazhar Jaff consisted of three panels for the researchers respectively Mr. Bahroz Bakir Othman, Ms. Dlgash Saeed Saido, Mr. Jamal Majid Faraj and Mr.Hamza Mohammed Salih.
The first research paper entitled, “The influences of Social Classes in Kurdish History in Western Resources from the 19th century till the Mid-20th Century”.
The second paper delved into “Robbery, looting among Kurdish in the Narrative of the journeys and Memoirs of Residents of British East Indian company of (1900-1932)”.
The third research paper titled “The perspectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Britain on the History of Part of Kurdistan in Ottoman Empire in the book of Armenia and Kurdistan”.
The fourth paper titled, “Kurds in the Perspective of Turkish Sociologists: Mehmet Ziya Gökalp as an example”.

The fifth panel was run by Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussain Mohammed Salih for the panelists:
The first researcher Dr. Farhad AbdulAziz Amin presented research titled the description of Shekh Raza in the Memorandum of Major Son and Cecil J. Edmonds.
The second researcher was Dr. Saman Mustafa Rashid, his research paper entitled famous Kurdish figures in the Book of “The Scholars of the last period of ottoman Era” .
The third researcher Prof. Dr. Ali Rahmaty’s research was on Kurdish Princess and Governors of Shadlo tribe of the Vallayat of Birjand /Khorasan in the Qajar dynasty in the Iranian Sources.
The fourth researcher was Dr. Sanman Salah Fatah presented a research paper on the Political and Military Role of Sheikh Mohammed Sadiq Nahri between the years 1890-1907. During the session.


Mr. Hardi Hama Saeed moderated the sixth panel and Assist. Prof. Dr. Asos Mohammed Mullah Qadir presented a paper entitled, “Mekhia Khuri – Akkadian texts of the Arapkha (Kirkuk) and the world languages in which the texts were published”.


On the evening of the second day of the conference, Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah and Mr. Azad Tofiq, the governor of Halabja city, commenced the workplan. The gathering included the esteemed Kurdish artist Mr. Mazhary Xalqi, the family of martyr Mullah Jamil Roj Bayani, members of the Golden Pen Experts Board, and numerous political, cultural figures, and writers. Initially, the attendees observed a moment of silence to honor the memory of the pure Kurdistan martyrs. Following that, Dr. Sarwar Abdullah provided a detailed overview of the workplan points. Subsequently, speeches were delivered by Mr. Azad Tofiq, Governor of Halabja, Mr. Haider Lashkari from the Board of Experts and Mr. Dawan Ma’roof, Director of Jamal Nabaz Cultural Organization. The prestigious Jamal Nabaz Golden Pen Award was then bestowed upon the esteemed Kurdish musical artist Mazhar Khalqi, with honors extended to researchers, Kurdsat Media Agency, Jamal Nabaz Cultural Organization, Balambo Music Group, and artist Mr. Hoshyar Hama Faraj.





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