Published at: 24-10-2023

University of Halabja (UoH) Hosts an International Symposium Honoring Sheikh Ali Hassamedin Naqshbandi as a Perfect Leader 

Posted by:  UoH

Hawraman Cultural Center in collaboration with the Central Library of UoH and the General Directorate of Culture and Arts of Halabja, organized an international symposium titled “Sheikh Ali Hassamedin Naqshbandi as a Perfect Leader.” The event was attended by Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, the President of the University of Halabja, Mr. Azad Tofiq, the Governor of Halabja city, members of the UoH University council, religious and political figures, as well as relatives of Sheikh Ali Hassamedin on the 19th of October 2023 at Mustafa Zalmi Hall.

 The symposium began with a moment of silence to honor the pure souls of Kurdistan martyrs. After that, the President of UoH extended a warm welcome to the participants on behalf of the university council, the General Directorate of Culture and Arts in Halabja, and the Hawraman Cultural Center.

Later, Mr. Ayub Kwekha Rostam, from the symposium organizing committee, delivered an opening speech. In addition, the family’s statement was read by Mr. Shazad Naqshbandi. 

It is worth to mention that the primary objective of the symposium, discussed in two panels, was to shed some light on the life, work, and character of Sheikh Ali Hassamedin: 

First Panel, moderated by Dr. Shwana Nuri Abdullah:

  • Mr. Sami Dehqani presented “The Life and Story of Sheikh Ali Hassamedin,” discussing the biography of Sheikh Ali Hassamedin until his passing. 
  • Dr. Lehon Qadir Abdulrahman presented “A Reading of Educational Experience and Spiritual Development in the Naqshbandi Path,” emphasizing the role of education in the Naqshbandi path. 
  • Dr. Navid Naqshbandi delivered a presentation titled “Sheikh Ali Hassamedin’s Predictions in Terms of Science and Legitimacy.” 

Second Panel, moderated by Mr. Humayun Sahib:

  • Mr. Sheikh Soran Naqshbandi conducted a seminar on “Sheikh Ali Hassamedin: Selflessness and Pride.” 
  • Dr. Awat Naqshbandi discussed “The Role of the Great Monasteries of Sheikh Ali Hassamedin in the Naqshbandi Path.”
  • Dr. Farooq Qaradakhi presented “Sheikh Ali Hassamedin: His Life and Social Status.” 

At the conclusion of the symposium, participants were awarded certificates of appreciation.