Published at: 20-11-2019

The University of Halabja Hosted a Panel on the Effects of Social Media

Posted by:  UoH
With the presence of UoH President Assist. Pro. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdualla, vice president for Administrative and Financial Affairs Dr. Idris Mohammad Karim ,deans of UoH Colleges,lecturers and students UoH held a panel in cooperation with Hawkaran Federation Organization entitled, “ The Effects of Media and Social Media on Society Classes” which was run by Dr. Hataw Hama Salih on the 14th of November 2019.
At First, Dr. Mahabad, UoH president, and Dr.Idris Karitani, head of Hawkaran Federation gave speeches regarding the importance of the panel. In the panel, numerous subjects were discussed as followings: First, Assist. Pro. Dr.Nazakat Hussain offered the subject of “Raising Public Awareness of Individuals Regarding the Recent Impact of Modern Media” in which she discussed the violation exist in Media and Media Violence.
She further clarified the data and statistics which were conducted on violence as majority of act of violences were committed against women and youth. She also clarified the different types of violence and its impacts on individuals.
‘The emotional and mental instability may arise from the bad effects of Media and Social Media on individuals and sometimes will result in committing suicide” she further added.
Second, Major Barzan Othman Mohammed, director of Police Station of the Center of Halabja, participated in the panel and presented a seminar entitled, “A Data on Media and Social Media Problems in Halabja Governorate Area” in which he clarified the role of Law against those misuse Social Media in which he mentioned (Law No. 6 of 2008) which is currently actively used by Courts in Kurdistan Region for the victims who are faced violence in Social Media.
He further showed all the data and complaints were raised and registered in the Governorate.
In addition, he shed light on the role of the Directorate of Police Station of Halabja in promoting awareness regarding the use of Social Media in a good way among people in Halabja so as to prevent violence by offering seminars and participating in the meetings and events which have been held about this subject.
The final moments of the panel was dedicated to making comments and exchanging ideas among attendants.