Published at: 15-04-2023

Department of Law held a workshop

Powerd by: UoH

Department of Law ,college of Law and Administration,UoH held a workshop on the disputes between Baghdad and Erbil on Oil and Gas issues, on Tuesday April 11th ,2022 at centeral Library Hall, the workshop entittled “the Constitution , legislation and political dimension of the Agreement between Baghdad And Erbil Government, resuming oil exports of KRG through State Organization for Marketing Oil (SOMO)”.

A number of sessions were presented, the first key speaker was the lecturer Mr.Barzan Ali presented a seminar on the distribution of natural resources and its management in Federal State: Iraq Constitution as enforce model, in which he discussed the constitution principles set for the distribution of country’s natural resources as well as the constitutional rights provided to Kurdistan Region.
The second seminar was presented by Dr.Hemn Abdulla on the role of Federal Court and the laws of Constitutional court in the interpretation of Constitutional texts/articles related to the case of Oil and Gas issues and its manifestations in reality in which he discussed the role the constitutional court plays in interpreting and resolving the Gas and Oil issue.
The third seminar was presented by Dr.Luqman Hakim entitled How the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil affect their political relations in which he mentioned the political dimensions of this agreement and further explained the political relationships between both parties.
The workshop concluded with discussion and an answer-question sessions.