Published at: 09-05-2023

College of Physical Education held International Workshop

Powerd by: UoH

College of Physical Education held International workshop entitled “ the effects of Food and Exercise on body safety and sport applications” it was on Tuesday 9th May 2023 at seminar hall of College of Physical Education , the workshop was run by Mr. Balen Qadir and a number of sessions were presented.
At the beginning, Dr.Nasir Rostam Zada lecturer from Kurdistan University /Sanandaj,Iran offered a presentation on “Eating food before and after exercise” in which he discussed the sport activities, energy systems of body and classifying them to a number of levels and the connections between food and the type of exercise that we do.
In another part of his presentation Dr. Rostamzada explained the type of foods that are eating according to the classification previously mentioned in detail, for each type of workouts/ exercise we have to eat different type of foods.
The second session was presented by Lecturer Mr.Saywan Sirwan on “food after exercise” in which he mentioned what the foods we eat will do to our body after a workouts ,based on which criteria we choose our food and highlighted when we can we eat right food and what kind.
The third seminar was presented by lecturer Mr. Hiwa Ahmed entitled “the importance of water and fluids before, during and after exercise” in which he talked about the importance of drinking water in our daily life, later he related his topic with his presentation regarding drinking water before , during and after workout. He further discussed the mechanisms and procedures of the role of water in our body and what should we do when we are dehydrated, how we fill this amount as soon as possible .
The last seminar was presented by Lecturer Mr.Dara Latif on “ Recovery after Exercise” in his seminar he talked about eating nutritional supplements after exercise and clarifing its effect and how we divide them , he further explained the right time for using food supplements.
At the end of the workshop, the dean of the college of Physical Education expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Nasir Rostam Zada ,for his participation as one of the key speakers in the workshop who came from University of Kurdistan in Sanandaj,Iran .