Published at: 15-05-2023

The College of Basic Education Held a National Workshop

Powerd by: UoH

College of Basic Education held a national workshop, “Geographical Distribution of Landmines, its Dangers and Showing Awareness to Keep People from its Dangers in Kurdistan” at the seminar hall on the 15th of May 2023.
The workshop included three main aspects which were managed by Ms. Chra Rauf.
At the beginning, Mr. Osama Ashraf, a lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences, discussed the geographical distribution of mines in Kurdistan, the number of mines and the number of victims in the world, Iraq and Kurdistan. He also stated that mines have environmental effects where they explode on the soil.
After that, Mr. Hoshyar Biawelai discussed the types of mines and explosions as well as their dangers and the methods to defuse mines.
Then, the student Ms. Kezhan Nuri discussed the ways to prevent mines during picnic and collecting natural herbs during spring.
At the end, the workshop speakers were awarded appreciation certificates.