Published at: 09-05-2023

A Workshop Held on Exploring the Link Between Agriculture and Chronic Diseases

Powerd by: UoH

On the 4th of May 2023, College of Basic Education, Social Sciences Department held a workshop on “Exploring the Link Between Agriculture and Chronic Diseases, Cancer as a Case Study”.
The workshop included two seminars; the first seminar was delivered by Mr. Osama Ashraf entitled “Smart Agriculture” in which he talked about smart agriculture to overcome agricultural crises. This agricultural program can put the best agricultural products on the market without the use of chemicals and harmful substances, as well as protecting the environment and ensure the sale of products.
The second seminar was presented by the engineer Mr. Muslim Sulaiman, employee at the Halabja Agricultural Research Unit, entitled “Agriculture and Cancer” in which he discussed the ways to protect ourselves from food that cause cancer. He also pointed out the negative effects of using pesticides and energy as well as their impact on the environment.