Published at: 11-04-2023

Workshop held on Islamic view concerning Commercial Advertisement

Powerd by: UoH

Department of Media College of Humanities, UoH held a national workshop on Islamic view concerning Commercial Advertisement at Tayar Bagh Jaf Hall on Tuesday 11th April,2023.The workshop consisted of two sessions and the key speakers were Asisst.Prof.Dr. Hashim Omer and Assistant lecturer Mr.Balen Qadir.
The first seminar was presented by Assistant lecturer Mr.Balen Qadir on the principles of Commercial Advertisements in which he shed some light on the principles of Advertisement to what extent they match /compatible with principles of Islam. He defined the Advertisement, its criteria and the art of Advertisement as well as he discussed about the advertisements that are published or presented at Kurdish Media channels and how they meet with the Kurdish culture and tradition.

The second Seminar was offered by Asisst.Prof.Dr. Hashim Omer on Islamic Perspective regarding Commercial Advertisement in which he gave an explanation concerning the concept of Advertisement or Reklam in the dictionary of Arabic Language, he further displayed a number of Ayat and Hadith as expressing the concept of Illustration. He gave clarifications whether advertising is permissible or not for which he mentioned the views of scholars regarding the issue and said advertising is not against Sharia if the sharia principles are considered or applied on it to support his view he offered several evidence.
The workshop was concluded with the answer- question session.