Published at: 15-04-2023

An international workshop was held at the University of Halabja

Powerd by: UoH

On April 13 2023, an international workshop was held at the University of Halabja, it was the work package two of the TeachersMOD program within the framework of the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus programs. The program is a joint consortium between five Kurdish Universities, including Halabja, Raperin, Salahaddin, Duhok and Zakho, along with three European Universities, Pavia in Italy, Granada in Spain and UTAD in Portugal, alongside the Organization of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED). The program aims to develop colleges of basic education in the field of updating programs, updating subject content, developing methodology and pedagogy, and the exchange of experiences. This event is one of the most important academic achievements of Halabja University because it is the first time that the university hosts a large event on its campus relying only on its human resources without allocating any financial support. Therefore, it is expected to bring about qualitative changes in the College of Basic Education after two years of completion of the program.