Published at: 04-03-2021

Geography Department Conducted a Workshop

Powerd by: UoH

On the 1st of March 2021, Geography Department conducted a workshop under the title, “Natural Resources, Water Resource” in which a number of academic staff were present including Dr. Nariman Abdullah, dean of College of Humanities, Dr. Umm Kulthum, head of Geography department and a number of lecturers and students.
At first, Mr. Arieann Ali Hamid offered a presentation on Natural Resources and Its Development in which he discussed the concept and importance of natural resources in general and also clarified the development of the natural resources and the challenges facing them.
Then, Mr. Hemn Kamal offered a presentation entitled, “The Importance and The Value of Harvesting Water” in which he discussed that %60 of water during watering is wasted because the process is not working scientifically. Besides, he clarifies the methods of harvesting water and the ways to get benefit from them.
At the end, Mr. Rebaz Hama Gharib offered a presentation under the title, “The Watering Projects on Sirwan River and Impacts on KRG” in which he gave a definition about the river and its geographical distribution. Besides, he discussed the watering projects of Sirwan River and the projects which are located in Iran and the overall income of all the watering projects which are on the river. Lastly, he discussed the watering projects on Sirwan which are built in Kurdistan and their effects on KRG.