Directorate of Health and Safety

This directorate was established in 2011 which includes the following divisions:

·        Health Center

·        Social Division

·        Environmental Division

The Directorate of Health and Safety Duties:

  •  To disseminate in official documents of the MOHESR regulations and instructions among all the colleges and presidency units regarding safety and health.
  • To provide training courses and also to offer and hold seminars and workshops on safety and health for the employees and students to keep them from unwanted events.
  • To oversee the dormitories and cafeterias from a health point of view.
  •   To assess and point to situations that can lead to unwanted events.
  •  To oversee the Physics and Chemistry laboratories at UoH.
  • To provide all the UoH colleges and units with first aid boxes.
  • To check the UoH water purity.
  • To serve the UoH students and staff with the basic first aid medications which are provided by the Halabja Health Directorate.
  • To send statistics of the directorate visitors to the Halabja Health Directorate monthly.

Director:  Fatah Kareem Fatah