Directorate of Engineering and Projects

Directorate of Engineering and Projects is one of the directorate of University of Halabja which was established according to the university decree No.(29) on (26/4/2011) named as Directorate of Engineering Services and engineer Mr. Hersh Hama Amin Faqe Mahmood is appointed as the director.

The directorate’s name has been changed and renamed several times from Engineering Services to the Directorate of Construction in 2012, and also it has been merged with the Directorate of Projects which was managing and implementing the projects of the university and renamed as the Directorate of Engineering and Projects and Mr.Rahim Mohammed Tahir has appointed as the director in 2012 when Mr. Hersh Hama Amin was  relieved of the post due to his study leave until 2017 he has requested to be relieved from his post .

Mr.Nuradeen  Gharib Rasheed became the director despite his own duty as the director of  Technical and Maintenance and, he has also been relieved as the director of Technical Maintenance and in 2018 and became the director of Directorate of Engineering and Projects to present day.

Current Director: Mr. Falah Hasan Ahmed

The duties of Directorate of Engineering and Projects:

  • Preparing and implementing the Bill of Quantity of the projects of the University.
  • Supervising the projects in terms of engineering, technically and administratively which are carried out on investment, common or any other type of budgets.
  • Preparing the proposals of the planned projects of our university on the annual budget.
  • Supervising the implementation of the Masterplan of the university campus.