Directorate of Audit

scrupulousness directorate was established in 26/4/2011. the duty of the directorate is to scrutinize all of the financial duties . THE STAFF The directorate has staff who has expert to do their duties , the first manager was Hama Amin Faqe Mahmood who was assigned in 28 /5/2011.Then , Gashaw Jalal Muhamad who was assigned . after that Aras Azez Saed who was assigned . Then , on January 2013 , Taha Hama Saed who was assigned till 15/4/2014, after that Bahar Hama Amin Mustafa who was assigned as manager in 16/4/2014. The staff who include six staffers those scrutinize all of the financial duties .
8The staff who are : 1. Bahar Hama Amin Mustafa who is manager 2. Omer Faraj Mahmood who is staffer 3. Aras Azez Saed who is staffer 4. Awaz Kaekhasraw Abdullah who is staffer 5. Solav Xalil Muhamad who is staffer 6. Gashaw Jalal Muhamad who is staffer
Communication/ phone number(07702731691) the number of manager .