Directorate of Audit

The directorate of Audit oversees all financial and administrative procedures to make sure they are followed properly according to university policy and legal requirements. This directorate is affiliated to the presidency of the university and provides an independent review of all financial affairs at the university, conditions of spending, applying instructions of the Ministry of Finance and Economics, and confirming that financial and accounting procedures have been followed to avoid mistakes and the potential for fraud.

Directorate of Audit is one of the directorates of University of Halabja which was established by University Decree Number (29) on 26th of April,2011.

The first director was Mr.Hama Ameen Faqe Mahmood who was appointed by the university decree No. (2/5/188) in (28/5/2011).

Later Ms. Gashaw Jalal became the acting director, later on Mr.Aras Aziz became the second acting director until Ms. Bahar Hama Amin Mustafa entitled (Advanced Accounting Manager) was appointed as the director with university decree No.(2/5/53) dated (16/2/2014) to present date.

The duties of the Directorate of Audit is to review and audit all the financial affairs of the University Presidency and the colleges and make sure financial and accounting procedures have been followed.