slot demo slot gacor The First Medical Symposium Held in Halabja – University of Halabja
Published at: 09-03-2023

The First Medical Symposium Held in Halabja

Powerd by: UoH

On the 9th of March 2023, Kurdistan Children Community in collaboration with the University of Halabja (UoH), Pediatric departments from all medical colleges of Sulaimani, Hawler Medical and Duhok universities, Halabja General Directorate of Health, Jamal Ahmad Rashid Hospital and Pediatric Teaching Hospital in three provinces Hawler, Sulaimani and Duhok conducted the first scientific and academic symposium of doctors in Halabja city.
At first, Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, the UoH president, gave a speech in which she stressed the importance of the symposium for Halabja city.
Afterwards, Dr. Farman Zandi, President of Kurdistan Pediatricians Association (KPS) delivered a speech and showed a short video on the history of health sector in Halabja.
Then, two panels were presented in which Prof. Abbas Rabati and Dr. Zana Baqi supervised the first panel. Further, Dr. Diler Chalabi talked about GERD in Children and Dr. Azad Hakim from Duhok University participated in the event virtually and talked about “growth and height” in children.
The second panel was supervised by Prof. Adnan Hamwandi, Dr. Pishdar Abdullah and Dr. Soran Mohammed. In the panel, Dr. Aso Faiq Salih and Dr. Khalid Hama Saleh debates on Kawasaki versus MuSk. Additionally, Dr. Khalaf Gargari, an expert in Mental Health in Iraq, discussed the impact of war and displacement on children.
Finally, awards were presented to those who participated in the two panels and both Confy lac and Diamil milk producers who sponsored the debate.