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In Kurdistan region of Iraq, students enrolled at public elementary schools are educating by elementary school teachers whose 90% of them are graduates from colleges of Basic Education of the HEIs in Kurdistan.

The Basic Education colleges in Kurdistan are the main provider of the primary school teachers in the region. The current teaching staff at our primary schools are 75% graduates of the Basic education colleges and 20% are graduates from two years teacher preparing institute which is equivalent to the secondary school.

The TeachersMOD project aim to enhance the capacity of the Basic education Faculties in each Partner institutions with the final outcome to improve the general regional standard of primary education.
The project builds on two assumptions: the first relates to education’s pivotal role in the society to the fulfilment of human rights, peace and responsible citizenship from local to global levels, and the second relates to the digital transformation as embedded in teaching, learning, and work.
Universities, therefore, need to increase their capacities at two levels:

  • updating and reviewing curricula towards a student’s -centres approach; and
  • pedagogies based on active methods integrating participative and innovative components.

For this reason, TeachersMOD seeks to contribute to modernise and improve the quality of teaching, by innovating teaching methodologies, by curricula reviewing and by reinforcing the competences of university staff in the Basic Education Colleges and the Pedagogic Centres in the HEIs from Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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In Kurdistan region of Iraq, students enrolled at public elementary schools are educating by elementary ...
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