Published at: 07-12-2023

University of Halabja Participates in APPRAIS Project’s Final Conference

Powerd by: UoH

University of Halabja actively participated in the concluding conference of the APPRAIS Project, held on December 4th and 5th, 2323, at the Ramada Hotel in Erbil.

The event brought together representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, APPRAIS Project partners, and other public and private universities in the Kurdistan Region.

The university delegation, led by Professor Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, University President, included Professor Dr. Dana Abdullah Tahir, Vice-President for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs , Mr. Rasti Ayub Hama Saeed, Head of International Academic Relations, and Mr. Peshraw Abdullah, Director of Quality Assurance.

The conference commenced with welcoming speeches from ministry representative and UNIMED’s director. A comprehensive video presentation traced the project’s journey, showcasing its lifespan and impact on stakeholders.

Day one unfolded with presentations on the main outcomes of the APPRAIS Project, featuring perspectives from both Kurdish universities and European partners. Notable highlights included discussions on University Self-Assessment and University Governance Glossary, Bologna process implementation roadmap, capacity building activities, APPRAIS MOOC. Each aspect was expertly presented by representatives from partner universities, shedding light on their invaluable contributions to the project.

On the session on ToT experience, Mr. Rasti Ayub Hama Saeed, presented the experience of the partners high-lightening aspects such as the impact of the ToT, who were the participants, how it went, for how long, sustainability plan for it, etc.

During the strategic plans session, Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah elaborated on Halabja University’s strategic plan, emphasizing goals centered around academic excellence, research enhancement, and internationalization. Additionally, she emphasized the continuous development of the university with the limited resources the university has at hand, thanks to the commitment of its hardworking staff.

The second day of the conference delved into diverse topics, including analysis indicators, tasks and deliverables, the sustainability plan of the APPRAIS Project, operational management, final technical reports, financial matters, and comprehensive information on the preparation of the report.

Particularly noteworthy was the discussion on the internal quality and evaluation of the last two events of the project. Mr. Rasti Ayub Hama Saeed, the project local coordinator at the University the Halabja , presented the reports on 4th Parnership Meeting and the training of the software developed by Awrosoft, providing insights into the results and feedback gained from partners in each event.

The conference served as a platform for robust discussions, knowledge exchange, and strategic planning, marking a significant milestone in the successful culmination of the APPRAIS Project.