Published at: 18-11-2018

The UoH Delegation Meets with Voronezh University Delegation

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A delegation from the UoH consisting of the University President Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Al-Zangana accompanied by Dean of College of Humanities Dr. Nariman Abdualla and Dr.Nian Kamil had a meeting with a delegation from Voronezh University of Republic of Russia Prof. Dr. Roionov Vladimir Valibtovish, the University vice President and Head of International Learning Institution and Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saedoon Jamil who is responsible for Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government Affairs at Russian University on the 7 the November 2018.
At first, Dr. Tahseen warmly welcomed the delegation and later briefed his speech about the UoH and Halabja City. He also gave a speech about the history of Halabja city especially its genocide case.
Then, Dr.Tahseen pointed out the fact that the UoH is a newly established University and it is also in the process of forming and developing. Besides, he mentioned that UoH needs more assistance and cooperation from the developed universities especially in the area of scientific cooperation and exchanges.
In return, Vice president of Voronezh University expressed his appreciation towards the UoH president and also praised his role as the University President. Besides, Dr. Roionov stated that they will deal with all the requests that the UoH made. Furthermore; Dr. Roionov discussed that they have information about Halabja Chemical Attack which was a tragic event and caused killing enormous number of innocent civil people.
At the end, both sides made a decision on signing a MoU in the near future which includes the following sections:
1- Awarding the UoH scholarships to Voronezh University.
2- Opening a Russian Language Department at the UoH in cooperation with Voronezh University. At first, the department will be run by a special staff of Voronezh University until then the UoH will have a qualified staff.
3- Offering cooperation between both sides’ scientific branches.
4- Proving training courses for the lecturers and administrative staff of the UoH.
5- Offering cooperation for the UoH Genocide Case documents.
6- Collaboration between both sides in terms of scientific researches, conferences and activities.
7- Exchanging students between both sides.