Published at: 12-11-2018

The UoH in Cooperation with the University of Human Development Holds a Symposium

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College of Humanities of the UoH in cooperation with the College of Law And Politics of the University of Human Development held a symposium under the title “The Impact of International Policy on the Political Process in Iraq” on the 6th of November 2018.
The symposium started with presence of Dean of College of Humanities Dr. Nariman Abdulla, Dean of College Basic Education Dr. Hussain Mohammed, a number of Heads of Departments, lecturers and students. The Symposium included three presentations which were run by head of Law Department Mr.Jamal Amin.
At first, Dr. Nariman gave a brief discussion about the academic and scientific activities that the UoH has conducted which led the UoH to get higher position in the last Global Universities Rankings. This comes after the tireless efforts of the University President, Deans, heads and scientific and administrative staff. He also stated that the UoH has a plan to further develop the UoH as conducting this joint symposium which was one of the plans.
The first presentation was presented by Mr. Kardo Karim under the title “The Obstacles in the Way of the New Government of Iraq, Internal Policy”. Besides, he discussed the body of the current Iraqi government and also the obstacles in the path of forming a modern government. He further discussed a number of obstacles in the way of establishing a government, populism manners, enormous number of internal displaced people and weak Central Government and armed forces.
The second seminar was offered by Mr. Tariq Rash entitled, “The Role of Oil and Gas in the Future of Iraq” in which he explained the sources and incomes of the oil and gas. He also mentioned the statistics of exportation, reserve oil, energy source, oil production and the problems related to oil.
The last seminar was presented by Mr. Loqman Rahim under the title, “The international Policy Impact on the Political Process of Iraq” in which he discussed the international view point which has a great role in establishing regional governments. He also discussed the roles and conflicts of powerful countries on the forming the structure of government.
At the end of the symposium, Dr. Nariman awarded UoH logo to those who presented the seminars.