Published at: 02-05-2024

SEED Foundation Concluded a Training Course for UOH students

Posted by:  UoH

On the 28th of April 20224, University of Halabja (UoH) hosted an event to conclude the training course entitled “Healthy Family: Strong Community “which taught by SEED foundation which works on Social, Educational, Economic Development. The event was attended by Prof. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, UoH president, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rasheed Meera, Dean of College of Basic Education of Shahrzoor, Dr.Ako Ibrahim Faqe, Dean of College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Dr.Hersh Hama Amin Faqe, Director of Research Center, Assist.Prof.Dr. Hasan Hashim, Head of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, a number of Lecturers and students, Mr. Roman Hama, Head of SEED foundation programs, and SEED foundation lecturer’s team.
At the beginning, Prof. Mahabad expressed UoH gratitude towards SEED foundation for offering these valuable trainings to eduacate UoH students. She further talked about the importance of the training to the young students. Besides she mentioned the triangle of university, education and society that plays a crucial role in building up the personality of youths and students which results in having healthy individuals in the society.
Later, Mr. Roman discussed the foundations’ programs like this intensive trainings which raises the awareness of young students as a result improving their way of behavior with people , society and technology in healthier way. As a result, one can lessen or prevent domestic violence and violence in the society in general.
In the second part of the event, the second year student Ms. Sara Hamid, and the first year student Mr. Rawand, discussed their experiences during the training which played an important and considerable role on their attitude and understanding not only towards healthy relationships and treatment with their surroundings ,but also towards technology.
Then, Dr. Ako representing the College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences expressed gratitude from the deanery to the manager, the team of lecturers and SEED foundation for providing such a scientific and modern training for the period of two months for the students of College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences.
At the end, the participant students received the certificates of participation and awards by SEED foundation.
EED Foundation is a women-led, local non-governmental organization in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), committed to protecting, empowering, and supporting the recovery and reintegration of survivors of violence and others at risk. Guided by a survivor-centered, trauma-informed approach, SEED delivers holistic services to clients, including case management, mental health, psychosocial support, legal services, cash assistance, and shelter; educates and trains KRI frontline service providers; and undertakes policy and advocacy initiatives to strengthen laws, policies, and practices and to promote social norms and behaviors affirming human rights and dignity in the KRI.