Published at: 20-01-2024

UoH Secured Sixth Position on Regional Level in Papers Published on Scopus

Posted by:  UoH

A ceremony honoring influential researchers from KRG public universities was organized in which several university presidents attended.

During the event, Dr. Ameer Ahmed Chally presented an evaluation of Kurdistan universities in Scopus. Notably, the University of Halabja (UoH) secured the sixth position on regional level in papers published on scopus.

The detailed rankings included the University’s impressive research rate per staff member (1.73), its proportion of staff in Scopus (10th position with 55%) and its growth in the number of researchers and research papers (13th position).

UoH also held the 9th spot for the oldest research in Scopus dating back to 2012. Mr. Pishraw Ahmad, Head of Quality Assurance and member of the International Rankings Office played a crucial role in creating UoH’s Scopus profile in 2023 and contributed to the university’s development through International Rankings Office projects, worth mentioning.