Published at: 07-01-2024

A UoH Lecturer Published a Research Paper in an International Journal

Posted by:  UoH

Dr. Awara Hussein Ahmed, the dean and lecturer at the Law and Administration College, recently published a research paper titled “The Yazidi Genocide in the Court of Frankfurt: An Analytical Legal Study on The Case of Taha Al-Jumaili.” The paper is an analytical study about a German court’s decision on Taha Al-Jumaili, an Iraqi member of ISIS. Al-Jumaili was sentenced to life and a 50,000 euro fine for the crime of killing a Yazidi girl. This marked the first recognition of a crime against Yazidis as genocide in a German court. Dr. Ahmed’s research explains the legal basis for the German court’s decision, comparing it to global standards. The court ruled that genocide can be one person’s murder if certain conditions are met, as seen in Al-Jumaili’s case. The verdict aligns with international criminal law standards.

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