Published at: 27-11-2023

The University of Halabja Hosted an Event Commemorating Halabja Day

Posted by:  UoH

In the presence of the UoH president Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, the University of Halabja hosted an event commemorating Halabja Day featuring distinguished guests such as Mr. Hama Hama Saeed, the Minister of Culture and Youth of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mr. Azad Tofiq, Governor of Halabja city, Mr. Leila Omar, Mayor of Sulaimani, among others. The event, titled “Halabja: A History of Freedom and a Lifetime of Literature,” took place on November 24, 2023, at the UoH presidency. Initially, the gathering began with a solemn minute of silence in remembrance of the Kurdistan martyrs. Later, Mr. Azad Tofiq then delivered a welcoming speech, providing insights into the history of Halabja. Afterwards, the program continued with the display of documentary photos depicting Halabja, followed by a captivating music and song concert performed by the Halabja Music Group and dance presentations. The audience was presented with several books highlighting the literary, artistic and religious history of Halabja province. In a concluding address, the Governor of Halabja expressed gratitude for the enduring significance of Halabja’s tribes and families in both the present and the past. During an afternoon session, a panel discussion titled “Halabja between Concept and History” was led by Mr. Azad Tofiq, Governor of Halabja. Dr. Saman Mustafa Rashid explored “The Position of Gul Anbar in the Archives of the Ottoman Empire,” while Dr. Saman Salah delved into “Halabja as an Important Political and Religious Center in Kurdish History.” The panel concluded with engaging comments and discussions involving both the audience and panelists.