Published at: 26-06-2023

University of Halabja Expands Academic Horizons with University of Murcia

Posted by:  UoH

The University of Halabja (UoH) has taken a significant step towards expanding its academic reach by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Murcia in Spain. This collaboration is part of UoH’s efforts to establish academic partnerships with renowned universities worldwide, with a particular focus on Europe.

UoH’s International Academic Relations Office (IRO) has actively pursued academic partnerships with universities worldwide. The MoU with the University of Murcia marks an important milestone in UoH’s journey towards becoming a prominent institution in the region. It provides valuable opportunities for UoH students and faculty members, fostering their growth and development.

Both universities are already partners in the APPRAIS Project, which is a capacity building project receiving funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ program. The project’s objective is to improve the governance, strategic planning, and management of higher education institutions, with a specific emphasis on reforming the higher education system through the Bologna process implementation in the Kurdish universities of the region.

The MoU is signed by Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, University of Halabja President, and Jose Lujan Alcaraz, University of Murcia Rector and represented and exchanged by Prof. Dr. Dana Abdullah Tahir, UoH Vice-president for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs and Maria Jesus Periago University of Murcia Representative.

The recently signed MoU outlines various areas of potential collaboration between the two institutions. This includes jointly developing research projects, offering post-graduate and research study programs, and facilitating the exchange of professors, researchers, and students. Additionally, both universities can organize courses, seminars, share academic resources, and collaborate on Master’s and Doctoral degree projects.

This broad scope of collaboration opens up numerous opportunities for academic exchange and cooperation between UoH and the University of Murcia. It has the potential to significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge and research in their respective fields.

UoH remains committed to furthering its partnerships with universities around the world. This collaboration presents an excellent opportunity for both institutions to enhance their academic offerings and expand their capabilities. It will enable UoH students and faculty members to exchange knowledge and expertise with their counterparts in Spain, creating a vibrant cross-cultural learning experience for all parties involved.