Published at: 28-02-2023

University of Halabja offers a course on First Aid

Posted by:  UoH

University of Halabja, Research Center jointly with Directorate of Health and Safety of UoH taught a course on First Aid for lecturers and students of UoH at central library Hall on February 28th,2023.

At first, the UoH president Professor Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah, gave a speech in which Dr.Mahabad thanked the UoH Research Center, Directorate of Health and Safety and Health employees for arranging such important activities and offering a courses on First Aid, she further highlighted that conducting activities on health issues is necessary to improve the awareness of people, she said “humans always need the information regarding this issues in order not to be shocked in the emergency conditions and be able to help and provide aid to the injuries”. She also stated that It is the responsibility of the university to raise the awareness of the community concerning health matters and people all should have information about.
The First Aid course is organized for the lecturers and employees and taught theoretically and practically about the first Aid procedures, who is the first aid specialist, how it is performed and how to give advice to preserve life and give immediate care, prevents the likelihood of injury from getting worse, prevent the escalation of illness or injury, call Emergency. They clarified the Emergency conditions such as cardiopulmonary arrest, airway obstruction, seizure and chest pain, internal and external bleeding and epistaxis, burning, snake bite and scorpion stink, the symptoms of identifying diseases and some other topics. The course has been taught by physicians of the research center (Dr. Jihad Ibrahim, Dr.Dler Karim,Dr. Zana Baqi and Dr. Mohammed Subhan)with cooperation of health employees( Mr. Saad Mahdi, Miss Maria Jalal, Mr. Ihsan Rebwar,Mr. Aras Hama Saeed, Mr. Muslim Ali).