Academic Staff

The Department Board consists of the following:

Position Title Names No.
Head Assistant Lecturer Faridoon Wali Ahmad 1.
Member Assistant Lecturer Renas Wali Mustafa 2.
Member Assistant Lecturer Vian jamal Jalal 3.





The crew of the lecturers for the academic year of studying (2015-2016) consists of:

Title Specialist Name No.
lecturer  Optic Sarkew salah Abdulkarim 1.
Lecturer Condensed matter Physics Auday Khadhir Azawy 2.
Assistant lecturer Quantum Mechanics Alla Hamd hussain 3.
Assistant lecturer Electric & Thermal Engineering Ari Abdallah Raheem 4.
Assistant lecturer Sampling Shahen Mohammad Faraj 5.
Assistant lecturer Computer Noora Shahb ahmad 6.
Assistant lecturer Physics Nashad Kamal Hussain 7.
Assistant lecturer Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faridoon Wali Ahmad 8.
Assistant lecturer Physics Vian jamal Jalal 9.
Assistant lecturer Electrical and Electronic Engineering Farhad Mohsen mahmood 10.
Lecturer Physics Dana Abdullah 11.
Member Assistant Lecturer Renas Wali Mustafa 12.
Assistant lecturer Physics Aziz  13.
Assistant lecturer Chemistry Karwan Omer Ali 14.


The list of the assistant names consists of the following:

Title Names No.
Physics Assistant Lhon Khald Hassan 1.
Physics Assistant Hoshang Zainadin Sahib 2.
Physics Assistant Marjan Mohamaad Ghafar 3.
Chemistry Assistant Amjad Mahmood Qadr 4.
Physics Assistant Saman Sarkawt Jafaar 5.
Physics Assistant Bakhan Star Mustafa 6.
Chemistry Assistant Mussa Muttassam  Zorab 7.
Physics Assistant Bilal Mohamad Osman 8.
Biology assistant Didar Abas Fatah 9.
Physics Assistant Bahroz Karim Mahmood 10.
Physics Assistant Yosif Hussain Aziz 11.