A Brief Introduction about Physics Department:

Physics Department/ College of science/ University of Halabja is been officially established in 27th May 2013. In 2014-2015, the University of Halabja has admitted 35 students to study BS in Physics department. After that, in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, the university had 40 and 45 students respectively. Physics Departments consist of four halls for studying theoretical lectures, with eight labs and one computer hall.

Physics is one of the disciplines that have both a theoretical and experimental side. Therefore, students in physics department are expected to have a scientific background of mathematics as a tool to understanding Nature, in addition to possessing experience in the laboratory, where fundamental measurements are performed. Physics majors may specialize in a number of exciting research areas, including and elementary particle physics, materials and nanotechnology, medical physics, the study of complex systems, and cosmology. The physics department the department provides unique opportunities for students to experience scientific research at the undergraduate level through internships in faculty research labs.