Published at: 09-10-2018

UoH Holds a Workshop on Internationalization Process

Powerd by: UoH

The three directorates of International Academic Relations, Quality Assurance and Carrier Development Center organized a workshop on Internationalization process at the UoH on the 18th of September, 2018. At first, Mr. Arieann Ali Hamid, Director of International Relations, presented the first part of the workshop in which he discussed briefly all the tasks that International Relations has accomplished including the signing of (17) seventeen MoUs with national and International universities, holding national and international scientific workshops and conferences by the UoH, being one of the partners of two international projects such as Marhaba and Erasmus+(Tigris), etc.
Then Mr. Arieann clarified TIGRIS (Transfer of Good practices & Reinforcement of Internationalization Strategies in Kurdistan) which has been co-funded by the EU within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme “Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education”. Capacity building projects in the field of higher education support the modernisation, accessibility, and internationalization of higher education in Partner Countries, in this case Kurdistan. He also discussed that the TIGRIS Project, which will run for 3 years from 2017 – 2020, is coordinated by the George-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.
The project consortium is further composed of 4 European partners and 10 Kurdish partners, including the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR), as well as 2 associate partners. Then, Mr. Hamid clearly discussed the aim of the project and its objectives as well.
At the end of his presentation, Mr. Arieann instructed the implementation of internationalization process with a diagram. Then, Miss. Sazan Salah Saber, coordinator of Marhaba Project at the UoH, participated in the workshop by a presentation on the Marhaba Project. She defined the project which was coordinated by the University of Santiago de Compostela and was funded by the European Union. The Project was signed between Third Countries including Yemen, Iran and Iraq and a number of countries in Europe on the 14 of July 2014. In Iraq the Universities partners were UoH, UoS, UoR and Koya University. The Project was ended on the 15th of July 2018. During the Program UoH won three scholarships, the three being two Master scholarships and one Doctorate (PhD). In addition, She clarified the positive impacts of the Project which was an excellent start towards internationalization on the UoH. “ Because of the Project the UoH signed MoU with one of the European partners of the project which was Bielsko-Biała School of Finances and Law University in Poland” she added.

The second part of the workshop entitled “University Internationalization” was presented by Mr. Omar Fuad Ghafoor, Director of Quality Assurance in which he adequately defined internationalization in general and at universities. Besides, he defined the term’s meaning from Universities perspective which is a multifaceted concept, with many different interpretations, emphases and purposes. He explained the reasons every institution needs Internationalization as he said “at the time of such a significant globalization where the rankings are the new currency of quality and English is the official language of science, we cannot stay and watch”. He explained that the implication of internationalization which needs Joint Research, Excellent English Language Skills, Marketing…etc. Then, Mr. Omar explained the idea of internationalization by Hans de Wit who is vice president for international affairs at the University of Amsterdam. Hans de Wit said that Internationalization politically can strengthen the nation’s position and role in the world. Investment into future economic and political relations; for example scholarships to create good relationships with possible future world leaders. Economically, an increasingly globalized world demands people with international experience and knowledge. Education has become a commodity and is a part of a university’s income. He discussed the reasons to internationalize UoH which include improving the overall quality of education, preparing students for a global world, attracting more international students, labour market demands, financial benefit for our institution,etc.

The third part of the workshop under the title “Internationalization and Student Mobility” was offered by Director of Career Development Center (CDC) Mr. Goran Mustafa in which he defined Internationalization and approaches towards it. In addition, he explained the reasons to motivate and assist students to study abroad including giving them information about the application process, assisting them to choose the best option, supporting them during the mobility and after they return, making sure the procedure is transparent,etc. He explained the importance of English language as a global one as every staff members, students and lectuers should improve their English skills. He discussed that English Language opens the doors towards international courses and projects. Besides, he informed the attendants about (MOOCs) which are Massive Open Online Courses available for anyone to enroll. He clarified that it is easy to take part in these courses because they are online, i.e. one can sit at home and participate in these courses around the world to learn new skills, advance their career and deliver quality educational experiences at scale. The aim of the workshop was to familiarize the UoH staff of the Tigris project that our institution is one of its partners and clarify our duty to implement internationalization on UoH