Published at: 28-02-2023

Workshop held on Environmental Protection and Oak tree

Powerd by: UoH

Department of Social Sciences, College of Basic Education held a workshop on “Conservation of forest of Kurdistan and Oak tree as an example” in coordination with Kurdistan Botanical Foundation, Botanic Gardens Conservation International and American University of Iraq/Sulaimani on February 28th, 2023 at Seminar Hall of College of Basic Education.

At the beginning, Prof.Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdulla, UoH president, gave a speech in which she discussed the importance of the project of protecting the forests and highlighted that Kurdistan Region needs to conserve the natural resources, pay attention to environmental protection and especially Oak tree.
The organizer of the workshop was Assistant Lecturer Mr. Usma Ashraf , the first session was presented by Dr. Saman Abdulrahman in which briefed the role of the Kudistan Botanical Foundation and discussed the ecosystem and diverse plants and trees in Kurdistan Region, Iraq, the Greatest Kurdistan and the Zagros Mountains.
The second session was presented by Dr. Nariman Salih in which the project of Oak tree preservation and its objectives is protecting Oak tree and replanting it.
The third session was offered by Dr. Osman Kamil in which he talked about the preservation of Oak tree forest and the underlying factors that cause massive fires as well as preventative measures so that future wildfires are monitored and prevented early.
At the end of the workshop the participant planted 60 Oak trees at the University Campus.