Published at: 21-02-2023

UoH Hosted an International Forum on the International Mother Language Day

Powerd by: UoH

On the 21st of February 2023, the College of Education of Shahrazoor, Kurdish Department in collaboration with the Language, Culture and Education Commission of Kurdistan National Congress hosted an international forum in the International Mother Language Day.
The event began with standing silently for a minute for the victims of the earthquake in the northern and western of Kurdistan in Turkey and Syria and all the Kurdistan martyrs.
Later, Dr. Ahmad Mira, dean of the College of Education of Shahrazoor, gave a welcoming speech and appreciated the event participants. He also discussed the efforts of the College of Education of Shahrazoor for the sake of language in general and Kurdish language in particular have undertaken to hold such an international event.
After that, the president of the UoH Prof. Dr. Mahabad Kamil Abdullah gave a speech in which she discussed the importance of language and mother tongue and the characteristics of Kurdish.
Then, Mr. Salar Mahmoud, a member of the Kurdistan National Commission, delivered a speech in which he talked about the commission continuous efforts for the sake of the Kurdish language.
It is worth noting that the forum included two sessions:
The lecturer Ms. Bahra Salam managed the first session in which Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sheikholislami, from the Carleton University in Canada talked about Kurdish in the Eastern of Kurdistan.
After that, Mr. Haji Özkal, a representative from the northern of Kurdistan, explained the situation of the Kurdish language and its dialects in the northern of Kurdistan. He also stated that attention should be paid to all dialects of the Kurdish language at Kurdistan universities.

Next, Dr. Mohammed Abde discussed the situation of the Kurdish language in the west of Kurdistan in the second session which was managed by Ms. Mzhda Abbas.
Then, Professor Dr. Sherko Hama Amin made a presentation on the plan and policy of language in the Southern of Kurdistan. Additionally, Dr. Luqman Goldvi gave a presentation entitled, “Kurdish Characters Speech in Germany”.
The forum concluded with the distribution of awards