Published at: 17-12-2018

Department of Principles of Religion Holds a Workshop on Peace Education

Powerd by: UoH

Department of Principles of Religion in cooperation with HWPL organization of South Korean conducted a workshop entitled, “Peace Education” on the 13th of December 2018. Dr. Nariman Abdulla, Dean of College of Humanities and also as a member of HWLP Organization, gave a speech about the importance of the workshop in which he showed his gratitude towards the mentioned organization for their cooperation. Besides, he fully discussed the previous related activities that were conducted on Peace and Coexistence. Then, the Department lecturer Dr. Nasih Karim presented a subject on peace in which he discussed all aspects regarding peace and the mechanisms of establishing peace in the region Another part of the workshop was to divide the students into a number of groups. Then, questions related to the topics of the workshop were addressed to the students. After that, the answers were collected and evaluated. It is worth to mention that conducting this kind of workshop will be continued to hold in the future for the students of the other departments.