Workshop held on Legal and Legitimate Protection of Human Rights

College of Law and Administration, Department of Law held a workshop on Legal and Legitimate Protection of Human Rights on 12th December,2021 at Central Library Hall, besides the moderator of the workshop was Lecturer Mr. Mariwan Fariq.
The workshop consists of two parts, and we have two speakers.
The first speaker was Mr. Diar Shamsaldeen under the title of Legitimate Protection of Human Rights presented a seminar, who shed some light on the Rights that Islam Religion has granted to Humans which are deemed indispensable and bore no justification and cannot be changed. Rights are divine gifts and given to all equally. He further added that rights are numerous in Islam, and in his presentation focused on the fundamental human rights which are stated in Holy Quran and Hadith.
The second Speaker was Assistant Lecturer Mr. Barzan Ali, who presented a seminar on Legal Protection of Human Rights and discussed about the Laws which reserve the Human Rights in Iraqi and Kurdistan Region Constitution Laws and are clearly defined.
He further gave explanation on the Legal Guaranties which are special to Human Rights such as local and international guaranties
The seminar was concluded with an- answer and question session.

To see the workshop announcement click here.

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