Workshop held on Atheism and its Impacts on Society

College of Humanities, Department of Principle of Religions held a workshop on Atheism and its Impacts on Society on 12th December,2021.
The workshop consists of three parts and it was presented by three key speakers, namely, Dr. Nasih Karim, Dr. Tariq Jabar and Dr. Diary Ahmed Kaka Hama.
Dr. Nasih Karim who was one of the speakers gave a statement to UoH website, we shed some light on the definition of Atheism which is disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods, what is its impact on Society and its disadvantages which makes the individuals feel anxiety, confusion, disorder and psychological conflict, because each of us has a persistent instinct. He further mentioned about the side effects Atheist person has on individuals in particular and community in general, he further added “in my perspective the factors of Atheism is psychological and the holder of this belief is someone who developed some kind of depression, its somehow a reaction and the result of his /her depressed personality.

 To see the workshop announcement click here.

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