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University President Office

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President Office

The office of president of the university through the administration status belongs to president of the university, the duties of this concentricity is specialized by preforming university strategy and directs to apparatuses inside university and also outside of it, it also fulfils university council duties and report of proceeding meetings.

It performs secret agreements of the colleges and comer and goner of the secret agreements.

The history of this office belongs to the beginning of university of Halabja.

The president office of the university has two sections :- The secretary of president of the university.

The secret pen. These employees are belonged to the university office:-

Hardi Hamasaid Othman – head of the president office.

Kalthum Abas Abubakr – commissar of the secret pen.

Kadhim Faraj Hamasaid – secretary of the president.

Shokham Muhammed Salih – secretary of the president.

Muhammed Moemin Hama Arif – employee.

Shokham Ramadhan Qadr – employee .

Niaz Ahmad Awrahman – employee.

Mariam Abdulla Amin – cartaker.

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