International Academic Relations

International Academic Relations Office
The vision of the International Academic Relations Office is to initiate and coordinate the international
activities of the faculty and students of the University of Halabja.
The mission of the Office is to reach the following objectives:
• building international profile for UoH through visits, media coverage, events and conferences.
• developing strategic alliances and managing institutional collaborations through preparing and
evaluating agreements with international partner universities;
• providing information to students and faculty on international mobility opportunities.
• managing and promoting mobility opportunities for staff and student;
• monitoring the implementation of the strategic plan on internationalization of UoH;
• administering and promoting the Erasmus + and other programmes;
• hosting visits by delegations from international universities and other public bodies to UoH.
• providing one single access point to integrate administrative processes and support services for
international researchers and incoming international students.

The Office also facilitates and supports students who study abroad, promote research careers and
facilitate the mobility of researchers across world.
Another important task of the Office is to contacts with international organizations, embassies and
partner universities.
The IRO staff is highly qualified, competent and experienced to actively share ongoing/ planned/
future activities with students and academic staffs on regular basis as well as handle the
fundamentals of the partnership, mobility, and exchange programs.

Dr. Barzan Hadi Hama Karim
International Relations Office Director
University of Halabja
International Relations Office
Address: Iraq-Kurdistan Regional Government, Halabja, Ababaile Village
Telephone: (+964) 770 157 0370