Directorate of Technical & Maintenance

This directorate contains of many staffs of engineer and technician, they work for recovering architecture and mechanics and electricity problem in all buildings and organisations at the university, also checking the electric tools and mechanics for protecting and selecting their problems. Also buying fuel for all of the university machines which needed any kind of fuel. Sections of this concentricity

  1. Section of administrative and personnel : the action of this section is arranging all activity of staffs and employees of the directorate and dividing actions and temporary or daily licenses and employee’s time work, also it in charges of making formal agreements of the directorate which directs and accepts in the way of (income and out come) and protecting them.
  2. Section of technical : it embodies all technical staffs which perform the process of checking and repairing in the university buildings and sections,also the staffs of electric and mechanics.
  3. Section of stores : it embodies all the tools and reasons of the process of repairing, also restoring broken tools for the same section before university presidency store.