Directorate of Statistics and Information Technology

Directorate of Statistics and Information Technology is one of the directorates of the presidency of the University of Halabja (UoH) which is affiliated with the office of the vice-president for Administrative and Financial Affairs. It was established in 2011 together with the establishment of the UoH under the name Statistics and Planning Directorate. Currently, this directorate manages all the university statistics and information technology about all the university departments and units.

Directorate of Statistics and Information Technology Tasks and Duties:

Statistics Division:

  • Sending statistics information to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as responding to all the official letters requesting statistics and information to Halabja province, Sulaimani Statistics Directorate, Halabja Statistics Office and also all the magazines, publications and research papers that require statistics.
  • Collecting and organizing information regarding the president, vice-presidents and directors based on gender, marital status, nationality, position, scientific title, last certificate, major…etc.
  • Collecting and organizing data and information on the colleges and departments lecturers according to gender, nationality, marital status, last certificate, scientific title, major…etc.
  • Collecting and also providing information about masters and doctoral degrees students who study inside and outside of KRG according to their field of studies and the universities they study in.
  • Information about students from central and south of Iraq who study at our university.
  • Collecting information about the colleges regarding the number of research papers, books, classrooms, lecturers’ rooms, projectors, laboratories, computers, laboratory equipment, internet connections, sports stadiums, etc.).
  • Issuing statistics of students based on colleges, departments and stages as well as number of graduates annually.
  • Collecting the colleges and departments needs regarding administrative staff and also equipment, particularly computers.

Information Technology Division Duties:

  •  Managing and solving internet connection problems.
  • Installing electronic devices, installing the necessary programs, formatting and solving computer problems at the university.
  • Creating and registering university ID cards for lecturers, employees and students.
  • Managing the university website, maintenance and publishing necessary information on the university website.
  • Creating and supporting web applications and databases for each department of the university.
  • Managing the electronic system (ERP) of the University of Halabja which is for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and universities as well as having continuous communication with the information technology staff of the MOHESR.
  • Providing the UoH employees with training regarding any electronic system of the university.

Director: Barzan Tahir Saeed

Mobile Number: 07501405454

Email:  [email protected]