Directorate of Personnel

A directorate of personality which is one of the directorates of the UOH , it had been established in 16th February of 2011 , a duty of the directorate which is to document information about officers and instructors , it has three departments those are employees , archeef and documents , each of them which has staff The staff those are : Rezhen Wali Mustafa – manager
Paeman Faeq Saed
Muhamad Jabar Ahmad
Banaz Rashed Hars
Choman Fareq Hsen
Aram Muhmud Mhamad
Samira Abdurahman Afande
Sumaya Azez Ahmad
Bahra Azad Zahd
Bzhar Habeb Rostam
Laela Azez Abdulqadr
Nasreen Abed Rashed
Ibrahim Ismail Muhamad
Rukhosh Xalid Kareem
Salma Hama Ali
Shno Arf Fatah
Huda Lateef Abdulla