Directorate of Legal Affairs

Directorate of Legal Affairs established with the opening of the University and inauguration of the University President on 16/02/2011. 

Director:  Mr. Khalid Abdulrahman

Duties of the Directorate of Legal Affairs:

  • Representing the university in legal proceedings by attending hearings and acting as the president’s lawyer, defending the university’s interests.
  • Initiating legal action against individuals or entities who owe the university and overseeing legal procedures for the university’s properties.
  • Filing lawsuits and handling legal complaints against those who commit crimes against the university.
  • Providing legal consultation services to university staff, colleges, departments, and directorates.
  • Participating as key members in all investigation committees and follow-up processes.
  • Organizing public and private auctions.
  • Managing legal documentation and supervising legal procedures related to the estimation committee for all university properties, including procurement or leasing of assets.
  • Monitoring and supervising the sales and rental committee. Preparing, issuing, and renewing contracts with contractors for various projects and third-party service contracts, such as cafeterias, photographers, photocopy services, and internet access.
  • Renting buildings and apartments required by the university and handling other daily legal services. Providing, managing, and coordinating a comprehensive range of quality legal services.
  • Overseeing university property-related tasks.
  • According to the  Article  No. 9  law  No. 33 issued on 1998, the Directorate of Law is authorized to perform all legal notarial affairs of the university and archive associated documents since 2013, including:
  1. Approving pledges and guarantees from admitted students pursuing higher education (Masters and Doctoral degrees).
  2. Approving pledges and guarantees in general for lecturers, employees, and students.
  3. Approving pledges and guarantees from admitted students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.
  4. Approving contracts prepared and issued by the Division of Tendering and Public Contract at the Directorate of Legal Affairs.


The Division of Tendering and Contract consists of a responsible individual and three employees who have the following duties:

  • Drafting and reviewing tenders, preparing and managing contracts resulting from public and private auctions.
  • Playing a significant role in the committees responsible for drafting, offering, and reviewing tenders.
  • Maintaining legal documentation and arranging agreements or contracts between the university and other parties (contractors) providing services to the university.
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