Directorate of General Register

It is one of the directorates of the presidency of Halabja university. It has Established from 30 May, 2011 according to university deed number (2/5/205). The directorate of general register according to staff, work and sections.

Name                                                                                     Commissar

Farman Abdurahman Muhammed                        head of general register

Amira Faeeq Said                                                         commissar of files

Diman Arkan Muhammed                                        commissar of degrees

Balen Faraj awrahim                                                   employee

Zhino Jawhar Omer                                                     employee

A summary of those works and activities that the concentricity performs.

The concentricity of general register every year performs works and activities which is particular to students along the year within starting new year of education till the end of the year, also in the holiday months of summer.

The general register directorate in managerial structure of university consists of three main sections:- section of register, sections of student files and section of the degrees which each of them has it’s own works and activities in context of the concentricity.

works and activities of the sections,

Register section :-

●Generally actions of this section is accepting and registering all of those agreements which reachs to general register then working on those agreements and answering according to content of agreements.

●Sending and out coming all of those agreements which doing from the directorate of general register.

●Private book for delivering agreements of the directorate to the other apparatuses of the university.

Student files section :-

●The actions of this section is classifying and discriminating all of those agreements which reachs to the concentricity, also protecting and saving those agreements in private files that made by diffident names, for making facilitation of works and activities in general register.

●Saving a copy of those agreements which we do from files specialized to articles.

Degrees section :-

●The action of this section is giving abstract certificates for those students who graduate from the university.

●Auditing certificates for all of those students that giving them certificate in the basis of university graduation offer.

●Classifying and saving certificates in private files that made by specified names.

●Besides this auditing certificate of graduaters of Islamic sciences institute/evening/Halabja, which appended to UoH.

Generally we can classify the activities of general register to some points:-

●Answering, sending and giving statistic and information about students and graduaters to other parts of the university and the ministry of higher education by their demand, article or telephone or email.

●Proceeding the process of transferring of students and confirming their works in a period, it starts in the beginning of July till the end of September, every year from the associating our directorate the period prolongates.

But the process of disrating proceeds by two procedures:-

1- During the same time of transferring process in July.

2- During accepting students of 12 grade preparatory at our university.

●Giving information to students about education field and directing them.

●Membership of many commissions specialize to commission of higher education and accepting plan.

●It’s the circle of relationship between college, faculty, other universities and parts of ministry of higher education specialized to students.

●Taking directives about the process of education and students at ministry offices then generalization for correlative apparatuses of university.

●Besides of those points our directorate overlooks office advise and accepting and zankoline as other universities which is one of the obvious activities of general register which overlooks this process directly in the Halabja province and districts of (Saidsadq, Sharazoor and Penjwen) since (2012-2013) and till now it’s available at our university.

Basic point that’s specialize to this of :-

●Yearly participating of our delegates in a private seminar about taking advise specialized to modality of working on zankoline system.

●Advising and helping students of 12 grade in recharging (the accepting form) zankoline by a scientific online way for cutting back that errors which faces students.

●Attending conjunctures of students with call or email during the process of zankoline, from starting in a central way for the part of ministry declares till the end – which the duration is (10-15) days every year.

●Recovering all errors in registering form suppliers of 12 grade except those specialized to scores and education status immediately from the way of those passwords for admining zankoline in online which pays by the ministry to office advise of the university during the process in formal time and it even in holiday days.

●Auditing education status (passing semester of 12 grade preparatory students) with delegates of education directorate and preparatory schools in restricts of (Saidsadq, Sharazoor, Penjwen and Darbandikhan) and Halabja province.