Directorate of Central Library

This directorate as one of the obvious administrative units of the university, it established on 29 June 2016.
It contains about 10,000 books in all aspects, more than 2000 master and PHD thesis statements in Kurdish, English and Arabic languages. It has also about 1500 diffident magazines. The action this library is scoring the books in file and computer, also directory and classification of the sources and putting in a private place according to sections. Then giving books and sources of library by solicitation to teachers, employees and students of the university. Also saving and protecting source of the books and that exist in the library.

The administrative staff of the central library :-
1-Shwana Abdulla Nuri, assist.teacher , Head of the central library.
2-Baram Raof Hama Aziz, chief of library 2, administrative commissar.
3-Amjad Muhammed Salam, advanced headmaster , classification.
4-Zana Tofiq Salih, chief of library 2 , computer-solicitation.
5-Hanaw Omer Rasul, assist. director , computer – solicitation.
6-Sara Zahid Muhammed, assist. director , book register solicitation.
7-Runak Hasan Ahmad, artistic assist.director , book register.

Electronic Library of Halabja University
This library establishes on 12 October 2017, It has being worked continuously, until this date 2 September 2018, about (3000) title of books scored like (name of writer, year of publishing, subject, number of classifying and etc…) in different aspects. Also readers can visit the electronic library by university website link to searching for books and benefiting of those sources in the form of solicitation and certainty of existing those sources which published recently, from this link :

Contact :
You can contact from the link of library.