Directorate of Media

This directorate is one of the directorates of presidency of Halabja university, in administrative structure belongs to president of university, after starting the university of Halabja, because of not having a suitable staff, this concentricity as a section, they did their activities in international academic relations directorate, then on the presidency of university part by a university decision (2/5/2427) on 15 August 2017 that section has changed to a directorate and in administrative structure belongs to the president of university directly. The duties of this concentricity are overlooking and arranging seminars, conferences and workshops in the side of soundbite and advertising, covering all of activities of Halabja university in a scientific way and transferring by the way of university website social medias, in the same time it overlooks university website and social medias.

Staff :

1- Saad Ezadin Abdlkarim, commissar of Advertisement, journalist.

2- Banan Ali Hasan, employee, journalist.

3- Hero Muhammed Abdulla, employee, journalist.

4- Banan Tahir Ali, employee, reporter of newspaper.

5- Diyar Hama Shamsadin, employee.

6- Kaywan Tahir Mahmood, employee.