Directorate law and Contracts

This directorate established from the beginning of Halabja university and officiating the university president since 16 February 2011. It has many duties which contains of :-

1- Attending from legal proceedings to defend of the university.

2- Promotion of legal actions on those people who do not return a university right or don’t do their works for university properly.

3- Moving the legal complains against those who do a crime opposite of university.

4- Pursuing of recording the university lands.

5- Giving legal advice to the presidency of university, colleges, sections, and directorates when it was necessary.

6- Making analysis committee and finding facts.

7- Performing of increasing and decreasing secrets.

8- Overlooking the committees of appraisement ranting of those landed properties which university sells and rents.

9- Overlooking the committees of selling and rating.

10- Renting those buildings that’s necessary to the university and many other legal duties in circumstances of daily works that the concentricity performs.

11- In spite of it’s works the Law directorate since 2013 implements the comer notary authority from article 9 of legal notary number 33, year 1998. It embodies :-

A- Preferring recognizance and guarantees of those students who accepted for higher education (master and phd) .

B- Preferring recognizance and guarantees that generally take from the teachers, employees and students.

C- Preferring recognizance and guarantees for those students which accept from bachelor education at UoH yearly.

D- Preferring those contracts that the section of contract and tendering performs in law directorate.

The Staff The number of law directorate is seven employees. The Sections The law directorate has one section entitled (tendering and contracts) which consists of liable of section and three employees, their works are:-

* Making tenders and arranging those contracts that achieved in the result of stated increases and secret decreases.

* Arranging the committees of making tenders and analyzing it.

* Arranging those contracts that doing between the presidency of the university and those figures, organisations which performing a work or a service to the interest of the university.