Career Development Center

Description of the Center:

Career Development Center provides students and graduates with essential skills to attain success by conducting activities aimed at securing employment opportunities.

Besides, the Career Development Center was initially known as Career Center and established by the University Decree No. 2/5/924 on the 8th of March 2015. On July 16, 2018, the Ministry issued a decree No. 992, resulting in the change of the center's name to the Career Development Center.

The Career Development Center plays a crucial role in supporting students and alumni and also strives to equip them with the necessary academic and professional practical skills which are needed to thrive in the market by organizing and offering a diverse range of training courses such as language training, human development, computer skills, and specialized technical fields. The Career Development Center gives attempts to build relations and foster collaborations between universities and governmental and no-governmental organizations to achieve its goals.

The Center Staff:

Director: BahaAl-Deen Mohammed Hussein

Mobile No. : 07508468836 -07707622585

Program Coordinator: Mawdood Jabar  Abdullah

Mobile No.: 07501570806

Career Specialist: Mohammed Qadir Mahmood

Mobile NO: 07510043587

Center Email Address:  [email protected]

Link to Facebook Page: